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                                            Segal Counseling offers therapeutic services includin
g treatment for:

                        Anxiety and Depression, Relationship Conflicts, Parenting skills, Grief, Trauma and Loss

   Dr. Segal, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, holds a Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology, as well as a Masters degree in Guidance (Elementary Education) and School Psychology.

  Dr. Segal's orientation is psyco-dynamic, offering eclectic, evaluation specific, therapeutic treatment. She has been in practice since 1990, with a special interest in dealing with grief, trauma and loss. She continues to explore the human condition by supporting and assisting individuals to evolve and to grow in emotional maturity that facilitates a well-adjusted life

About Me

  Aina Segal has finally found a permanent home in Sarasota, Florida after a nomadic Life style which started for her at age five, when Russia invaded Latvia, her homeland, back in 1940. During the next ten years Aina and her parents joined the river of refugees moving west. Identities were exchanged for a common identifier as DP's (displaced persons) now looking for shelter and food in war-ravaged Germany.

When the War finally ended, the DP's, with the help of International Organizations, had a chance to find new homes around the world as return to communist occupied Latvia was impossible. Aina and her parents found themselves in Kansas —USA, and just like Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, called it home. 

  Quickly resuming her interrupted and sporadic education, Aina entered the University of Nebraska even though her English was rudimentary. Life continued to be difficult for this immigrant family and it took many years before she could complete her education eventually graduating from New
York University. Obtaining a teachers license in New York she taught in elementary school for 17 years. She was drawn to the study of psychology, as it related to early child development but, perhaps due to her early exposure of the powerful and contradictory nature of the human condition, to adult development as well.

  Her studies in psychology now include two Master Degrees, first one in Guidance Counseling and the second in School Psychology, both from Queens College in New York. Later, after moving to Florida she earned a Doctorate in Education (Psychology and Counseling) from the University of Sarasota now known as Argosy.
  Dr. Segal has been in private practice for the past twenty years
To this day Aina continues exploring the human condition supporting individuals to evolve, to grow in emotional maturity that facilitates a well-adjusted life. In addition she has written her own autobiography, an enterprise which has proven to be therapeutic as well as exciting. Both; through her studies and her work, she has found her own healing
and now feels she has become a conduit facilitating healing in others. She has done several group workshops in therapeutic writing as well as lectured on the process of healing.